The inspiration for Graysons Lifestyle was simple – we wanted to create a CBD brand that we would be proud to buy as consumers. An exceptional, world-class brand that stands for safety, quality, consistency and efficacy. Our mission from the beginning, was to create products so well crafted and packaged that they could sit on a beauty store shelf or on the counter of a cool and quirky artisanal shop or barbers. We saw the opportunity to create an exceptional brand by drawing on experience from the natural remedies, aromatherapy and personal care worlds.

We created our range of products to deliver the perfect experience, every time. Our skincare products are handmade in small batches to ensure quality, using the finest ingredients and are infused with organically grown hemp-derived CBD oil that is lab-tested for purity and potency.

One of our prime objectives is to help to remove the needless stigma and taboo surrounding CBD. It's no secret that hemp's connection to cannabis is off-putting for some, but in reality hemp (high in CBD) and cannabis (high in psychoactive THC) are worlds apart. Our aim is to combat this by creating a brand that is founded on honesty, integrity and quality. A brand that people can trust and products that they can love.

Another key focus from the very beginning, was to never use palm oil in any of our products. It may seem such a small adjustment, but the implications are truly massive. Please click here for more information.